Entech Environmental Consultants

ENTECH – Professional Environmental Consulting Services
Established in 1973, ENTECH is the oldest environmental consulting company in British Columbia and has been committed to providing professional technical services related to business and the environment. Adherence to standards of excellence in business and professional practice has ensured the company’s long-standing reputation in the field of environmental consultation and business development planning. By coupling business and economic expertise with technical knowledge and experience, ENTECH can offer consulting services that will demonstrate a true understanding of all issues facing a project.

Solution oriented, ENTECH provides competent, innovative approaches to complex problems, and can meet client requirements through a team effort which is distinctive in the breadth of its expertise. This expertise encompasses a unique blend of technical and business development fields ensuring optimum applications of ability. ENTECH provides consulting services for the following:

  • environmental investigation / reporting associated with real estate transactions involving financial institutions and regulatory¬†compliance
  • contaminated sites, soil remediation and hazardous material
  • project management
  • power generation
  • mining
  • aquaculture
  • dairy farming
  • developmental projects
  • impact assessments
  • environmental management

Located in West Vancouver, Canada, we are situated to fulfill your business management and environmental consulting needs.

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